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In this blog, Automation Consultants seeks to provide useful information for small- and medium-sized businesses, especially ideas and results not readily available in popular media. All materials presented are either our own work or reproduced with attribution, and permission if required. We include articles from Microsoft and Velosio, companies with which we are affiliated. We strive to be fact-based and objective in all of our endeavors, but cannot guarantee the relevancy or accuracy of materials included.  Click on titles for direct links.





Desk jobs are bad for your heart and your waist

Desk jobs are bad for your heart and your waist

From University of Warwick Study finds link between sedentary work, larger waist circumference & risk of heart disease People with no risk factors for heart disease walk at least seven miles per day or spend seven hours per day upright. A new...

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Colabra raises $1.5 million for its online and mobile scientific collaboration software

Science versus the ‘Horatio Alger myth’

From Physicists use condensed matter theory to explore whether personal initiative can overcome frustration and create more equality DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory LOS ALAMOS, N.M., Feb. 22, 2017--In a new study published today in the journal...

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Does accountability always work? Workplace bias suppression can be difficult to sustain, study shows

Creative people have better-connected brains

From Highly creative people have significantly more nerve connections between the right and left hemispheres Duke University DURHAM, N.C. -- Seemingly countless self-help books and seminars tell you to tap into the right side of your brain to...

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ISPs say your Web browsing and app usage history isn’t “sensitive” ISP lobby groups make case against the FCC’s broadband privacy rules.

Scholar to talk about role of science in law

From Northwestern Law professor will examine barriers to effective engagement Northwestern University CHICAGO --- Northwestern Pritzker School of Law's Shari Diamond, one of the foremost empirical researchers on jury process and legal...

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When everyone works remotely, communication and collaboration suffer, study finds

Who benefits from praise?

From Konstanz researcher publishes study on how recognition affects motivation University of Konstanz The researchers conducted an experiment with a cohort of more than 300 first-year students in the Netherlands who attended microeconomics tutorials...

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