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An excellent fit for engineering, research, engineer-to-order, and professional services companies, our project management solutions can meet the needs of government contractors as specified by the Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (FARS) and DCAA.

  • Fully integrated with Payables, Receivables, Inventory, Sale Order, Purchase Order, Payroll, and General Ledger
  • Create, View and Edit projects in an easy to use ‘Tree View’ Explorer window
  • Eliminates unnecessary key strokes and double entry
  • Powerful budgeting and project analysis tools track the progress of any project
  • Compare Actual vs. Budget revenues and expenses, and quickly drill-down to investigate variances

With an elegant database design, users can manage Project Cost to provide the most appropriate information for project management in an environment that can withstand current and historical audit scrutiny. Its tiered complexity and flexibility allows new users to get started quickly knowing that features may be adjusted or added as requirements change.

Simple and efficient time and expense tracking

Users can log on anywhere/anytime and from any device to record Time & Expense information.

Resource Management and Forecasting

Exceptional tools to create and manage projects including budgets, and analyze project status such as comparing actuals to budget, revenue and expense spending down to the project level.

Optimized Organizational Performance

Better visibility to project status, with flexible reporting and periodic inquiry options

A comprehensive solution for professional services, life sciences, or other companies that manage projects:

  • Project Cost Tracking – take a closer look at Olympic Project Cost
  • Extensive Type & Sub-Type Definitions
  • Distribution Categories for Labor, Sub-Contract, Purchase, Material, Equipment and Sales
  • Over 160 User Defined Tracking Fields
  • Project Maintenance Explorer Tool
  • Quick & Easy Project Maintenance
  • Cut/Copy/Paste Existing Projects
  • Create Templates for Fast Project Setup
  • Reconfigure Projects Anytime as Needed
    Budget & Estimating Tools
  • View and Edit Budgets in Tree View Explorer
  • Easy Copy & Paste Project Budgets
  • Detailed Cost Category & Sub-Cost Category
  • Detailed Listing of Materials & Purchases
  • Periodic Inquiry & Reporting Options
  • And much more.

Please contact us for complete details on Project and Job Cost capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics