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Please note that some product links in our menus and webpages connect you directly to Microsoft and Velosio content.  These products may be in the “cloud” or on-premises.  Some are newer and some older, but all are high-quality and dependable.  We encourage you to first read the following points and give us a call.  In any case, we hope these thoughts are useful and stand ready to help with perspective and advice.


Things to consider when implementing or improving an organization’s information system

  • Each organization is special and must balance the technical, personnel, and management elements of their systems.  For some, it might be helpful to imagine each element of the system as a new employee.
  • Specifying a detailed and final information system design without careful planning and testing most often fails.  On the other hand, experimenting and learning-as-you-go can be very costly.  To mitigate risks like these we advocate a holistic, top-down approach we call Objective-Oriented Improvement™ (OOI™).
  • We all know that diving into product specifications and sales information often creates more confusion than clarity.  Although more work, the better path is independent research and open discussion.  We find that “the sooner you make a mistake the more it costs” is a valuable, though stark, adage.
  • The minefield of technology is becoming more treacherous with increasing threats of malware and false information. This makes security and alertness top-priorities.
  •  E-commerce in pandemic times will enhance supply-chain and fulfillment efficiency, while lessening personal exposure.
  • Choosing the best platform and software tools involves many considerations, including cloud versus on-premises, your sensitivity to security and privacy, and what third-party party software is available.  Industry-specific software is referenced for each Industry under our Industry main menu heading.  Here is an ERP overview from Velosio.
  • Automation Consultants offers a program to “share the risk”, profiting from our efforts only if you do.