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The sooner you make a mistake, the more it costs … no amount of effort can compensate for a sufficiently bad system design. This is why the system design process always starts with a careful definition of the problem. Our history of experience with systems of all types helps us cope with the challenges of computer system design and implementation, including the peculiar fact that introducing a solution often changes the problem.

At Automation Consultants, we believe that the best solution is most often one that is tested, used, and maintained by others – which is why we work with Microsoft products for stable, modern business solutions. However, there are cases where customization is required. You might need a special design to take advantage of a unique insight, perhaps one that provides a distinct competitive advantage. Or you may wish to design a prototype or benchmark against which standard solutions can be compared.


  • Structured and Object-Oriented Design Methodologies
  • Sound theoretical knowledge backed by hundreds-of-thousands of lines of code
  • Wide spectrum of computer applications
  • Computational Physics, Medicaid Claims, Operating Systems, Accounting, Educational Products, Manufacturing, and many more

Professional Expertise

Our principal software engineer served over 8 years as test manager for technical certification examinations of the ICCP and many years as New Mexico area representative for the ACM.