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System Implementation

Automation Consultants, with a well-established national support network, can give you the flexibility and professional talent you need to bring your business-critical systems on-line. For this work we use our own unique risk management methodology.

We believe in careful design and documentation of your business flows. Only then can you begin the process of continuous improvement through testing and measurement. Your return on investment is one measure we forecast during the implementation process and assess at predetermined points.

Our consultants employ advanced tools and techniques to achieve effective results, such as structuring use cases with Unified Modeling Language notation. We also are comfortable with more traditional approaches where appropriate, like condition tables and flow charts.

System Implementation Services Also Include

  • Objective Tree Definition
  • Needs Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Business Process Design
  • Computer Network Configuration
  • Installation and Setup
  • Training
  • Testing Support
  • Risk Assessment
  • Information Quality Assessment
  • Computer Security
  • Project Management