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The primary objective of Automation Consultants is

to improve the lives and business success of its clients.

We are a group of information technology professionals with strong expertise in CRM, ERP, Analytics, communications, and office automation, plus the tools and skills required for their effective use. These include planning, management, marketing, and workflow. We are visionaries able to think holistically and architecturally. In a world of sales hype and narrow focus, we are a source of insight and value. We start our relationships by addressing these most important questions:

  • Are our organizations a good fit?
  • Do our objectives align?
  • Can we foresee clear, cost-effective, achievable benefits?
  • Are required time and dollar budgets feasible?
  • Can we agree on a plan?

If the answers to these questions are yes, we would welcome you as a client and pledge our best efforts to improve your life and success. These efforts can range from providing simple advice to implementing a fully integrated information system. A modern information system is the most powerful ally available to a business or organization, imbuing management with vision and employees with capability.

Please review the other pages of this website, including blogs, to assess our mutual potential. To complement well-over-a-century of combined experience and notable talent, we adhere to the strict code of ethics published by The Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals, the ICCP:

  • Certified computing professionals, consistent with their obligation to the public at large, should promote the understanding of information processing methods and procedures using every resource at their command.
  • Certified computing professionals have an obligation to their profession to uphold the high ideals and level of personal knowledge as evidenced by the Certificate held. They should also encourage the dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the development of the computing profession.
  • Certified computing professionals have an obligation to serve the interests of their employers and clients loyally, diligently and honestly.
  • Certified computing professionals must not engage in any conduct or commit any act which is a discredit to the reputation of integrity of the information processing profession.
  • Certified computing professionals must not imply that the Certificates which they hold are their sole claim to professional competence.

Something you will not find on this website is a list of our clients, but we will be happy to arrange contact with our clients for proper vetting at the appropriate time and are happy to present our professional credentials in the following resumes. Please remember that our professional partner Velosio fields scores of CPAs and the highest level of technical support. We also are a Microsoft partner, providing perspective for choosing and complete support for using their products.

Professional staff:

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