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Whether or not you have already explored the Industry and Product items on our main menu, we invite you to call our Client Care number above to discuss your needs.  There is no substitute for a dialog to see if our organizations are a good fit.  This will not obligate you and will be held in confidence.  We will listen and advise for a while without charge, and then provide suggestions without steering you in the direction of any product – our interest is in results as opposed to sales.

Some of the issues we should address in our discussions are your line of business, problems and aspirations, budget, and whether our business approaches and corporate cultures complement one another.  We hope that the materials provided on this website are useful as you decide what course to take.  In addition, there are other useful reading materials, such as this ERP overview from Velosio and this critique from an ERP blog.

Here’s an analogy for our approach to solving problems: To address a medical problem, it is important to make a good diagnosis and then develop a treatment plan.  Doing this can be especially challenging in the complex and sometimes treacherous world of computers and software, which is why we stress setting objectives, continuous improvement, and careful testing in our Objective-Oriented Improvement™ (OOI™) methodology.

Testing requires establishing metrics before making any changes.  One interesting issue involves the effects that the process of measuring can have on results; when users know they are being monitored or are part of an experiment, their behavior can change.  This effect is well-known in quantum physics, but in our case needn’t be a negative as you can see with the famous Hawthorne Effect.

Other topics for discussion are the tradeoffs of onsite versus cloud software, purchasing versus monthly subscription, complexity versus setup and training costs, minimizing disruption, and estimating impact on productivity and profitability.