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The Hawthorne effect — an increase in worker productivity produced by the psychological stimulus of being singled out and made to feel important.

Between 1927 and 1932, Harvard Business School professor Elton Mayo and his associates, F.J. Roethlisberger and William J. Disckson led a study at a manufacturing plan in Hawthorne, Illinois to examine the physical and environmental influences of the workplace.  They used variables such as lighting, humidity – environmental variables to test productivity of workers which later led to physiological variables such as number of breaks, group pressure, working hours, and leadership.

Hawthorne2In almost every case, productivity improved for the workers that had better lighting, and more favorable working conditions.  As they slowly returned these variables to their original state, they were surprised to find that worker productivity stayed the same.

The conclusion was that it was not the changes in the physical conditions that were impacting the workers productivity – it was the show of concern about the conditions of the workplace, as well as the ability for workers to have input into changes before they took place.

ACInm embraces the Hawthorn Effect.  We take a holistic approach to implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP for our clients requiring that we first agree on a measure of success.  We first seek to understand our client’s challenges, identify their existing processes, gathering input for improved process, and utilizing technology to make all processes more efficient.  But the process doesn’t stop there, we establish metrics of success and continuously perfect your processes to optimize productivity and profitability.

There are more than 3,000 companies that sell licenses for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Wise clients don’t simply purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP, they invest in a partnership, a relationship with a consultant who marries their business objectives and processes to the technology that drives their business.  Clients of ACInm invest in a partnership and an experience that goes beyond a handful of software licenses.  Our expertise in business management and industry experience ensures that our clients consistently have positive outcomes.  These successful outcomes are our measure of business success. We look forward to investing in your success too. For more information or to set up a brief consultation,  please contact us.