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Prospering in the new world within the Cloud

By TJ, Automation Consultants

14 January 2016

Business and Government in the Cloud

The future of internet data security will be an ongoing challenge for both businesses and governments around the world.  As applications and devices get smarter it will become more and more important to stay ahead of the malicious players in the cyber world.  It will be at the forefront of issues needing to be addressed by companies and government.

 The Proliferation of Cyber Crime

Companies and governments having their own and their customers’ data stolen, and malware affecting their ability to function, are real threats to companies’ survival and countries’ security. Both companies and governments need to be more sensitive to the damage this can do.

 Seven Cloud issues affecting business and governments

  1. Government and private sector cyber break-ins, malware, and data theft, requiring more diligence and investment in security
  2. The Cloud making it possible to better connect with the world
  3. Applications delivering data analytics to enable better decisions
  4. Laws forcing companies to better secure their data
  5. Increased automation in all sectors of business and government
  6. The availability of smarter mobile devices making it possible to be better connected to the Cloud anytime and anywhere
  7. The ability for businesses to be quicker and leaner, making small businesses competitive with big companies