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Specific problems can serve as catalysts to improve your business infrastructure. For example, you may be facing some of the following problems, or more likely, a constellation of them:

  • Federal and State funding cuts
  • Security in a Cloud environment
  • New focus on DCAA compliance
  • Competition from larger and more aggressive companies
  • A dithering array of available software and hardware technologies
  • Integrating data from different software packages into useful information
  • Difficulty finding cost-effective information technology and management expertise

Solve these problems and improve your company at the same time. Armed with proper information system expertise, your science and engineering experience enables you to collect and analyze data objectively, the crucial elements in business improvement. We propose solving your problems and using this opportunity to increase your proficiency in business and science … to the benefit of both.

Automation Consultants has spent decades applying techniques of science and engineering to business practice. We have helped companies grow and prosper with our experience, analysis, and training, while improving the quality of their systems, workflow, and information. We specialize in software that leads the world in quality and service, using a holistic approach we call “Objective-Oriented Business Improvement” that structures your most important objectives and then creates a dynamic plan including goals, strategies, and tactics.

Let us help you engineer your challenges into advantages. Our initial evaluation is free so we can impartially assess how to help you solve your problems and improve your business at the same time.