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Message to Practicing Accountants in the Southwest
An opportunity to improve the business lives of clients through collaboration.

Automation Consultants is a small group of expert information system, software, and business professionals. We are Microsoft Partners, but use Microsoft products agnostically. Our hallmark is a holistic and integrative approach. Our byword is equipoise.

The most important elements in business are planning and management, personnel, and information. We have been improving the business lives of our clients for over thirty years by organizing these elements to work together efficiently.

This objective is easier to state than realize, so we welcome help. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss cases where we might work together to achieve transformational results for clients. We envision collaborating in two ways:

  • Improving business performance by introducing more effective information systems
  • Showing the value of collaboration by our example, which clients may then apply

Both your organization and ours have deep expertise in our respective specialties. Although some areas of our practices may overlap, our specialties are distinct. Automation Consultants’ practice extends into many areas: management, marketing, business planning, business processes, software implementation, and accounting systems. This is necessary because modern business requires context, perspective, and coordination. We follow a methodology that begins with a client’s most important objectives and descends systematically to details like computer security and charts of accounts. Along this path we stress metrics.

Our current clients range from 14 to over 4000 employees. Although our client experience is very broad, we have special interest in:

  • Inventory-dependent companies in Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing
  • Project-centric organizations such as those in High-Tech, Engineer-to-Order, Research Organizations, Defense Contracting (DCAA needs), and Non-Profits

Our staff includes:

  • An entrepreneur and ex-CEO of a prestigious non-profit, skilled in ERP, process design, and business intelligence
  • A project manager with past experience from Intel, Cray Research, and T-Mobile
  • An EE and MBA who is a technical expert in SQL, ERP, and CRM
  • A tax specialist and Enrolled Agent with the IRS, also skilled in Excel and Word
  • A System Architect with ERP, CRM, and programming credits, veteran of System Development Corporation, past member of ACM and ICCP certification boards

Collaboration is not new to us; we have worked often with accountants for a variety of reasons beyond the obvious, including continuity, information quality, and feedback. Businesses cannot reliably improve without accounting feedback.

We do not want to compete with you, which would contradict what we propose. However, we understand that conflicts of interest and differences in style sometimes present challenges. Please call me if you see any point from which we can start a conversation to see if we have a good business fit and something to offer clients.

Closing in our spirit of equipoise, the following link leads to an abstract of a recent study that presents another perspective on collaboration.
“Why Collaboration May Encourage Corporate Corruption”

Looking forward,

Lynn Beckwith, CCP
Automation Consultants, Albuquerque